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Best Vintage Shops Around Philadelphia’s South Street

by Audrey Lee

Apr 29, 2021

Photo: Audrey Lee


Vintage clothing always makes a great conversation piece. The fabrics, textures, colors and patterns all have a unique story of where it came from and who wore it before you. Visit these vintage stores around South Street in Philadelphia to claim some one-of-a-kind pieces to make your wardrobe pop.


Raxx Vintage Emporium


Located on South Street, Raxx Vintage Emporium is a hipster’s dream. The store typically has a line down the street on Friday in the late afternoons and on weekends of people trying to snag some cool clothing. This shop has great prices with pieces in top shape without stains or any unintentional holes. There is also a small section with timeless home décor and trinkets from times past. This is a must-stop while strolling around the area.


Retrospect Vintage


Visit Retrospect Vintage every day 11 a.m.–9 p.m. at 508 South St. This shop only contains hand-selected merchandise to give a refined experience for shoppers. The shop has items from every decade to suit anyone’s personal style or a fun look for a themed party. Profits from each purchase fund the Goodwill mission to provide training and careers for residents with disabilities and disadvantages.


Philly AIDS Thrift


Right off the main strip of South Street shops, Philly AID Thrift is the perfect place to go and admire the weird and quirky. This donation-based store has everything from vintage clothing, furniture, kitchen supplies, records and even costumes. Items are everywhere — on racks, the walls and ceiling. Guests are encouraged to wander aimlessly and marvel at all they have, even if they do not have the intention to purchase anything. As an added bonus, the store offers free, rapid HIV testing and support for anyone in need.


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