Get Away Before the Holidays

Prepping for the holidays can take a bit of effort, from buying gifts, visiting family and keeping up with the everyday. Before the madness ensues, check out these quick and easy vacation ideas for some quality time before all of the family time — and it will give you something fun to talk about over dinner.

family on beach during vacation with dog

© Volodina | Dreamstime

For those looking for some Vitamin D before the holidays, there are plenty of off-season beaches to explore. The Caribbean is a great place to experience local culture, cuisine and pristine beaches while enjoying less crowds and greater deals on accommodations and flights. Check out Roatan for a laid-back island vacation with near-private beaches; Aruba for something all-inclusive and upscale; and Bahamas’ Out Islands for natural beauty and culture if you’re short on travel time. The close proximity of the Bahamas to the United States makes for a great quick getaway, while the Out Islands offer a break from the more tourist-filled Nassau.

The off-season may be the perfect time to check out The Atlantis Bahamas Resort. With less tourist traffic, you’ll have access to greater rooms at better rates and may even get a chance to slide down the resort’s famous water slide without waiting in line.

If you’re looking for some city fun, sun and natural wonders, Las Vegas may be a great place to hide. Spend a night or two in the city enjoying all of the family-friendly fun on the Strip, before heading to the Grand Canyon. Adventure through the national park and enjoy the mild desert temperature. Crowds will be low and local accommodations will be more affordable this time of year. By saving a bit on airfare and lodging, you can splurge a bit on excursions and take the kids on a kayaking tour or donkey ride through the canyons.

family in city park during the fall

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Looking to stay local and enjoy a family staycation? Go all out on a family trip to the city nearest to you. You may have taken daytrips to Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or Austin, so mix it up this year and commit to a longer stay. Fill the weekend with events and shows to make this trip more memorable.

Whether the kids have fall break or just a few days off from school, there are countless ways to optimize time off and make a family vacation happen. Look for local events and festivals in your area, or opt for an all-out family trip; either way, enjoying some quality time before the holiday madness is a great way to reconnect and ease into the busy season.