“Green” Lighting a Moving Road Trip through the South

Before the Civil Rights movement in the mid-20th century, the African American middle class was growing and many families were able to purchase automobiles and plan vacations. However, Jim Crow laws were still in force in many parts of the country, and black travelers, including famed athletes, actors and businessmen, could face denial of access to […]

Literary Inspired Vacations for Kids

Reading and family vacations don’t always go hand in hand, unless you’re threatening to take away the kids’ tablets on a road trip and replace them with a book. But there are plenty of fun places you can go to spark your children’s imaginations and get them reading before, during and, hopefully, after your trip. […]

Bucket List Destinations

Take the family on an unforgettable trip this spring in a destination less traveled. Check a few unique experiences off your bucket list and scratch a few off-the-grid destinations off the map this year. Galápagos Islands, Ecuador The Galápagos Islands — a volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean belonging to Ecuador — offers nature lovers […]

Los Angeles Side Trips

Visitors to Los Angeles are never at a loss for things to do, but sometimes the hustle and bustle of this busy city can overwhelm the most eager tourists. Luckily, Los Angeles is surrounded by great, lesser known attractions easily within range when visiting the City of Angels. This allows travelers to experience even more […]

Fit Families: Welcoming Wellness for January

It’s January, so pound for pound you’re probably regretting putting that extra chocolate bar in your kid’s stocking. But not to fear — there’s plenty of ways to burn off some calories together on a family wellness trip. Get your om away from home with a yoga or Pilates retreat for those ages 18+ with […]

Music Vacations for Teens

Instead of fighting with your teen on the kind of music they’re blasting into their earbuds, embrace their love for the art form and turn it into a vacation. A music vacation is the perfect way to connect with your teen and learn to appreciate different types of music together. From rock and roll to […]