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Top 5 Destinations for Family Travel in 2020

by Eugenia Lazaris

Jan 2, 2020

Photo: G Adventures



As host of the 2020 Olympics, Japan is one of the hottest destinations for the year for families. The country is home to beautiful countryside, bustling cities like Tokyo boasting the latest technological advancements, and small towns and villages that cling to traditional customs and values. There are many unique cities to visit, such as Nara, where the lifestyle is laid-back and deer freely roam the city streets. Must-see cultural sites like Tokyo’s Imperial Palace contrast sharply with attractions, such as Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant where a robot show is the main feature while you enjoy your meal. This destination is the perfect place for your family to experience both old and the new while visiting one of the world’s most beautiful countries.


Japan Koyosan Udon Noodle Group Lunch. Photo: G Adventures


South Korea

South Korea is making a name for itself as a country of incredible natural beauty and technological innovation. With the expected 2020 opening of Wavegarden, expected to be the world’s biggest man-made surf park, there will be even more reason to visit South Korea. The country has long been off the radar as a top travel destination, making it affordable for families. However that doesn’t mean it is difficult to get to or navigate once there. The country is highly family- and visitor-friendly. The nation’s main airport, Incheon International Airport, is an excellent example of this quality. Incheon (ICN) is often touted as the No. 1 airport in the world, with beautiful surroundings, plenty of entertainment and state-of-the-art technology.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has a long history as a low-key and wonderful tourist destination, but in the last few years it has gained popularity. The city, the country’s capital, offers plenty of old-world charm and is a great place for families. The city is relatively safe to visit, making exploring fun and easy. With plenty to see and do along the coast as well as the interior, the family will not be bored. The city is home to some of the world’s oldest and most popular amusement parks, fascinating castles and beautiful nature preserves. Not far from the city is also a family-favorite, the original LegoLand amusement park.


Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo: Mapics | Dreamstime.com



This tiny desert nation within the United Arab Emirates continues to top lists for popular travel destinations for 2020, especially for families. The nation’s commitment to luxury and indulgence is a big draw, along with the seemingly endless list of family-friendly activities. Year-round, indoor skiing in the middle of the desert is practically irresistible while the constantly growing list of theme parks, water parks and cultural activities offers phenomenal opportunities to entertain the family.



Greece is a die-hard favorite when it comes to family travel for a number of reasons, but recently is gaining attention for a different reason. As overtourism becomes an increasing global concern, travelers are looking to explore popular destinations by visiting lesser-known attractions, of which Greece has plenty. While the Acropolis and islands like Santorini and Mykonos traditionally topped the list, the country’s equally impressive, lesser-known destinations are gaining ground. Nafplion, a picturesque town on the Pelopennese coast that was once the first capital of Greece, is not only filled with incredible sites like a tiny island fortress and an intricate maze of streets through the old quarter, but it is also conveniently located close to lesser-traveled archaeological sites like Mycenae. Lesser-known islands like Paros and Koufonisia offer incredible island experiences for visitors without the oppressive crowds of Santorini.


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