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The Ranch, Malibu: Teaching Sustainability and Self-Care

by Eugenia Lazaris

Jun 10, 2022

© The Ranch Malibu

North America

Family travelers wanting a health-focused trip should consider The Ranch, Malibu. At this resort, guests can expect all the beauty of Southern California’s Pacific Coast, along with an incredible wellness retreat designed for rejuvenation and restoration. The program, which offers packages starting at seven days, focuses heavily on the sustainability of the world around us and on reducing our carbon footprint, all while focusing on you.



© The Ranch Malibu


This 220-acre property, located three miles above the Pacific Ocean, offers the perfect backdrop for a health and fitness program promoting healthy choices and practices. The award-winning program incorporates fitness with nature and healthy eating to give you the necessary tools to develop a healthy lifestyle for years to come. Daily activities include hiking in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains, strength training, yoga classes, massages and even a mindful morning wake up to Tibetan chimes.


The Ranch

© The Ranch Malibu


With three meals a day and two healthy snacks, all crafted from seasonal foods, the organic, plant-based menu teaches guests how to enrich their bodies while protecting the planet. Guests don’t just enjoy the carefully curated meals and snacks during their stay, they also receive healthy cooking classes and garden tours as part of the program to teach them to carry this practice of sustainability and healthy eating over into their daily lives.


At The Ranch, the staff work on a belief that our health is a mirror to the Earth, therefore every detail is designed to help guests connect with nature from the locally sourced food to the native plants dotting the landscape. Program participants are taught ways to live healthier lives without compromising the health of the world around them.


The Ranch

© The Ranch Malibu


This intensive program is a great way for couples and families with older or adult children to bond, rejuvenate and commune with nature. By investing in yourself and your family, you prepare everyone for a future of achieving their best results.


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