Wellness for All Ages

Focus on relaxation and wellness has become a mainstay of any vacation in nearly all leisure-focused destinations. Although we all love a luxury treatment now and again, from massages and facials to pedicures and spa time, extravagant care and attention to wellness goes beyond trendy treatments.

Wellness at its core concentrates on healing and healthy living, which should be encouraged from a young age. By focusing on health and wellness as a foundation of life, not just on vacation, we can rid the stigma of health being only for the body, not the mind, for adults only, not children, and a luxury, not a necessity.


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Day-to-day stresses are not exclusive to adults, so wellness and self-care shouldn’t be either. Your child’s stress and anxiety may be different from an adult, but it is just as significant and prevalent in its own way — this being why many resorts, hotels and travel outlets focus on wellness as a way to feel grounded and kick off a healthy routine and sustainable lifestyle.

By integrating sustainability and wellness into all guest experiences, Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas now boasts a kid’s program specifically designed to immerse young adults and little ones in healthy living. Healthy living is ingrained in the resort culture and with locations in Thailand, Vietnam, Fiji, Oman, France, China, Turkey, Portugal, Singapore, Maldives and Seychelles, you should have no trouble finding a destination worth exploring.

By focusing on six levels of wellness (social, physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and environmental), Grow With Six Senses incorporates healthy practices into all activities, encouraging younger guests to obtain a better understanding of what it means to be “healthy” beyond Phys Ed class. Grow With Six Senses encourages younger guests to understand a bit about what is going inside of them emotionally and in the world around them.

Through fun games, activities and adventures, kids pass through each activity and wellness journey, earning new stamps in their personal Six Senses passport and a well-rounded understanding of holistic health.


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Each resort boasts its own list of activities and offerings, from varied levels of yoga classes, spa treatments and treasure hunts to fitness challenges, cooking classes, gardening, painting, meditation, sound baths, healthy baking using a solar-powered oven and mixology classes teaching kids to make face masks, scrubs, toothpaste and lotions — just to name a few.

Each activity utilizes healthy practices and incorporates therapeutic ways for kids to unwind, focus their energy, experience something new and learn something new about themselves.

Explore the site’s many offerings at each resort and check out new ways to relax, open up and enjoy wellness as a family.