Convincing Tour Skeptics to Commit

Whether vacationing with friends or family, you may come across that traveler that doesn’t want to take a tour. It’s understandable as there’s definitely still a slight stigma to tours; they can be kitschy, rip-offs and too touristy. In reality, though, a tour can actually make your trip easier and more memorable — you just need the right one.

Check out this list of tips for convincing skeptics to consider a tour on your next family trip.

Travel with Confidence

Focus on what the tour actually provides and decide what aspects are most important to you. Is the tour group organizing hotel reservations, transportation and food for a few days, or is it just a daytrip showcasing a different side of the destination you’re visiting?

It’s important to consider the benefits from not having to choose a hotel and decide what location would be best or how you’re going to get around. When a credited tour company makes the decisions and reservations for you, you just have to show up and they’ll do the rest. When the tour provides full service in trip organizing, it removes the minutia of planning and allows you to focus on the destination, not the itinerary.

Photo Op

Tours often take guests and families to locales they may not have expected. There are the standard tourist destinations you hear about, but a tour company can take travelers a bit further and show off-the-beaten-path sites you may not expect.

Your professional, and patient, guide can help take that perfect photo of your family. Tour guides typically know the best time of day to truly showcase your destination — they can help make photo magic.

Shared Responsibility

Having a guide and established tour company dealing with your day to day is a bit more relaxed, knowing you have back up in terms of where to be and when. Keeping the family organized can be difficult, but having a third party remind you can be that extra kick the family needs to keep up.

Choosing a tour that helps travelers explore like a local, but with the added security of an informed guide, is a win-win. Get the whole family involved and discuss what experiences you want to have. Choose something offering a blend of interests, from leisurely strolls and dining experiences to adventure activities and ample free time. The best way to get everyone on board with a tour is to involve them in the process.