Planning Winter Travel with Kids

Traveling over a winter break, the holiday season or just some last-minute time off is a fun way to make the most of your vacation time. Add in the kids, any age, and you have a full-on family vacation. With so many different holidays over the winter season, the threat of impending weather and during what is traditionally known to be the off season, some forethought goes a long way.

Think Small

Yes, having time off and quality time with the kids can be few and far between, but it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Something as easy as a staycation in your nearby city is a fun way to get away without going too far. Trying to book last-minute accommodations, arrange tours and extending beyond your means for a quick two-day trip can add more stress than necessary when you can find a nearby hiking trail, quaint town and new atmosphere to immerse yourselves in. Check in with Airbnb, VRBO or HomeAway, or use HotelTonight to find last-minute rooms in your area. A quick trip to a neighboring town or city you’ve never been opens new opportunities you may not expect. Visit those art museums you’ve always meant to check out, explore new shops and dining options and see what local shows may be playing in your area.

Do you have a little extra time? Consult your bucket list and see if there is anywhere on there that would make for a fun, impromptu destination with the family. It may be the off season in some areas, meaning less crowds, more room availability and budget-friendly.

Consult the Kids

Talk to the kids and other attendees and see what they’re interested in doing this winter. They may want to try skiing, spend some time in the warmth or visit a local exhibit you’re not aware of. The holiday season brings out festivals and seasonal celebrations of all kinds, you might just not know where to look. Having the added perspective can enlighten your trip and take some stress off of you to plan.

Pack a Go-Bag

For those driving, pack a duffle bag for the car with all the just-in-case-items you may not necessarily need, but that will help keep your mind at ease. With impending weather and strange road conditions, it could be good to have as many bases covered as possible.

Seeking warmth? Head to a warm-weather city boasting fun activities for all ages, including Miami, New Orleans, Austin, Charlestown and San Diego. Depending on your home base, these cities are easily accessed by direct flight and come with a slew of all-season activities, enjoyed in small or large doses, depending on how much time you have.