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What to Eat in Morocco

by Angelique Platas

Nov 26, 2017

© Calin-andrei Stan | Dreamstime


Family trip to Morocco? Expect an eclectic blend of European- and Arabian-influenced cuisine. Foodie families know part of the fun while traveling is experiencing local food, drinks and traditions and, with Morocco’s diverse culture and terrain, there will be a lot of amazing dishes.


For breakfast try b’ssara, a traditional Moroccan soup. This inexpensive meal consists of dried brood beans — similar to chili — served with olive oil, cumin and fresh bread. The hearty ingredients hold kids over while exploring the city, rich in protein, iron and flavor.


Many Moroccan meals begin with copious amounts of cooked vegetable salads served with bread for dipping — so you know you will be eating well on your trip. Be sure to try zaalouk, a smoked aubergine dip made with seasoned garlic, cumin, paprika and chili powder accompanying green peppers, tomatoes, sweet carrots and a side of local olives. Couscous is another must try while in Morocco. Although popular in the United States, there is nothing like the traditional vegetable couscous served with various sauces, preserves and buttermilk on the side.

Traditional Moroccan Tajine of Chicken

Photo: Tatiana Bralnina | Dreamstime


With the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea bordering the country’s coastline, Moroccan dishes often involve fresh seafood and robust herbs and spices. One dish visitors must try: fish chermoula. Typical chermoula dishes consist of pureed seeds, oil, garlic, lemon zest, juice, paprika, salt, mint, parsley, cilantro and red pepper used as a marinade for the fish. The fish is chargrilled over coals and served with a dipping sauce — one meal adventurous kids must try.


Man preparing mint tea in Morocco

Photo: Jan Skwara | Dreamstime

A classic Moroccan staple that cannot be missed is anything cooked in a tangine. This technique consists of stewing and boiling anything from vegetables and chicken to beef, lamb and garlic in a clay pot. The tangine slow cooks the ingredients to a tender, flavorful concoction that can be found in most restaurants and cafés — much like a pot roast, stew or anything you serve the kids in a crockpot, but loaded with flavor.


Try the kefta mkaouara, a beef or lamb dish served with minced garlic, coriander, parsley and cinnamon. The ingredients are rolled together into balls and placed in the tangine to cook in an onion tomato sauce. Just before serving, eggs are cracked over the dish to slow cook.


For dessert, treat yourself to a mint tea and the family to a b’stilla, a paper-thin, layered pastry pie. B’stillas consist of incredibly thin and flaky layers of phyllo dough filled with meat, almonds, eggs, spices, sugar, cinnamon and saffron for the ultimate sweet and savory dish.


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